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What does it mean to dream of a Corpse?

What does it mean to dream of a Corpse?

Dreaming with corpse
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What do dreams about corpse mean?

  • Seeing a corpse or dead body in a dream may represent something inside or some aspect of Self that has died but you are reluctant to forget about it or bury it in the past.
  • May symbolize a waking life situation or a relationship that has ended which you have not yet buried or laid to rest -- you continue to think about it or hope it will be resurrected.
  • A corpse may also suggest that you are feeling dead inside or you are unable to feel or express any emotions.
  • To dream of a corpse coming back to life suggests an inability or unwillingness to put something behind you and move on or you are being reminded of something from your past.
  • A corpse chasing you may represent something negative from your past, that you thought was dead or forgotten, is coming back to haunt you – the issue needs to be faced and appropriately laid to rest.
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  • Ipuppy


    Posted on Apr 17, 2017

    Mine was that everyone in the world had died and that I was all alone, and this was after my mother yelled at me , and I had decided to give my brother my mom and my moms boyfriend a good memorial. My dram was scary, and very gross , so many dead bodies

      • AnimeBro4Life


        Posted on Oct 3, 2017

        I had my girlfriends little sisters out on the side of the highway riding there bikes in my dream and one of the girls got ran over by a semi truck and her disfigured body layed there all crunched up. its mortifying to think about it, i say it because the way the body looked after was just so disgusting and disfigured i cant call it a person anymore. but the little girls body followed me around in my dream, wherever i went I look off in the side and see the disfigured thing. it's so vivid and real i almost threw up when i awoke.

        • Tess10123


          Posted on Apr 22, 2018

          in mine I found a shopping trolley in co-op and took it to the till. When a cashier and I looked we found some stuff that was all paid for (we found the recipt) and some of the bags had a chopped up dead body inside. no blood, just limbs. I kept the stuff, mostly books and DVDs, and took the body around back and chucked it in the bins.there was a co-op guy there who gave me the creeps and told me it was the killers dumping ground. he left with someone else, don't remember who in a big car. I walked out on to the street where one way or another I wound up in some random woman's car, she took me back to the place where the bins were and I got out. after she left I realised I'd left the bags with mine and the dead woman's stuff in her car. I had a moment of realising I was alone in a killers dumping ground, then woke up.


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