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What does a dream about a building mean?

What does a dream about a building mean?

Dreaming with building
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What do dreams about building mean?

In general, a building usually represents the dreamer's physical body or dwelling of the soul. The upper floors may represent a higher level of awareness, accomplishment, understanding or consciousness. The main floor may symbolize the present, waking life and the basement may represent the unconscious and the Shadow aspects of Self. The type of building and/or what takes place in it may provide further insight. Are you inside the building (may pertain to yourself) or outside of it (may pertain to what is outside of yourself)?
  • A building may also be a pun on “building” or creating something new.
  • All buildings have some common features, many of which we often take for granted in dreams, but may provide important clues to consider.
  • Doors and Doorways

    Is the door open or closed? An open door may represent new opportunities or your willingness to be open to new ideas; or you may be entering a new stage of life or personal growth.
  • A closed door may suggest an unwillingness to explore what it is on the other side. Do you know what is on the other side?
  • A doorway may represent a transitional space between two places, ideas or levels of conscious awareness; may be a portal or entryway into new, unexplored areas of life or yourself. How do you feel being in or approaching the doorway? Are you entering or exiting through the doorway?
  • Consider the figures of speech that reference a door:
  • • behind closed doors (in secret)
  • • through the back door (in a dishonest, unofficial or indirect way)
  • • leave the door open (to provide for the possibility that something might happen)
  • • get your foot in the door (complete the first step; to have an opportunity)
  • • open door policy (to be available to everyone)
  • • open doors (to be able to provide new opportunities)
  • • When one door shuts, another opens (When one opportunity fails, another soon appears.)
  • You may think of others that make sense in the context of your dream.
  • Windows

    Windows may symbolize your outlook or perspective or may provide insight. Are you looking in the window (into yourself) or out of the window (to something outside of yourself)? What do you see?
  • An open window may represent your willingness to be open to a new idea, a new perspective or a new point of view. A closed window may represent being closed minded.
  • Closed curtains or shades on the window may suggest you are being secretive or you are hiding something from others or you are unwilling to see or accept something. To open the curtains suggests that you may be ready to accept or reveal the truth about yourself.
  • Walls

    Walls may symbolize the invisible barrier you have erected around yourself for protection. Walls may also symbolize limitations, obstructions or boundaries you have encountered in some aspect of life.
  • Consider the figures of speech that reference walls:
  • • see the writing on the wall (to anticipate something bad about to happen by observing small hints and clues.)
  • • to be a fly on the wall (to wish you were there in secret so you can see and hear what happens)
  • • beat your head against the wall (waste your time on an impossible task)
  • • like talking to the wall (to talk to someone that is not listening)
  • • have your back against the wall (to be in a situation that limits what you can do)
  • • run into a stone wall (to come to an obstacle or barrier that prevents further progress)
  • You may think of others that make sense in the context of your dream.
  • Stairs/Staircase/Stairway

    Stairs and staircases may symbolize a rise or fall in finances, social stature or your level of consciousness; or may symbolize a place of transition, growth or change.
  • Going upstairs may represent reaching a higher level of understanding or awareness. Going downstairs may suggest descending deeper into yourself or your unconscious.
  • Stairs may be a pun on "stares" - do you feel you are being watched?
  • Floor

    The floor may represent your foundation or the basis for your beliefs; or your support system. It may represent how well you are grounded; or the separation of your conscious and unconscious.
  • Something may have recently “floored” or surprised you; or perhaps you “floored it” while driving recently; or maybe you need to “take the floor” and speak your mind.
  • The floor may also symbolize your understanding of something. A dirty floor may represent something is amiss with your understanding. A polished floor may suggest something that has been made to look better than it really is.
  • Consider the qualities of what the floor is made of. Wood may be a pun on “would”; whereas if you describe it as wooden, it may be “wouldn’t”. Carpet may suggest you are padding or suppressing something – you don’t want to deal with the hard reality of a situation and you are “sweeping it under the carpet.”
  • Ceiling

    The ceiling may represent the separation or barrier between your conscious and your Higher Self or Spirit. It may represent a mental or spiritual perspective. It may also symbolize a limit you have set for yourself or that others are imposing on you. You may have recently "hit the ceiling” and gotten very angry.
  • Halls and Hallways

    A hall or hallway is a transitional space leading into and between rooms and so may suggest that you are in transitional phase in life; you may be facing a life changing opportunity or decision. The length of the hall may signify how long it will take before you complete the transition. Consider where the hall is leading for additional insight.
  • Rooms

    The unconscious is often thought of as being divided into rooms where we keep or hide different memories or aspects of ourselves. Opening a door and entering a room may signify a willingness to enter and face what is in the room.
  • A locked room may suggest a part of you that you are unwilling to face at the moment. What's in that room?
  • Newly discovered rooms may suggest you are opening up to new possibilities or spiritual areas of growth; or you may be discovering new talents or aspects of yourself. Hidden rooms may represent intimate aspects of yourself, secrets or repressed memories.
  • Consider the specific room you are in for further insight. You might also consider your answers to the following:
  • • What happens in this room in waking life?
  • • How is the room furnished?
  • • Is it clean or disorganized?
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