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What does dreaming of blood mean?

What does dreaming of blood mean?

Dreaming with blood
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What do dreams about blood mean?

  • Our blood is continually running through our veins, carrying oxygen and nutrients to every cell in the body. Blood is our life force, our energy and in dreams may represent the same: our vitality, passion, life force and life itself.
  • Violent, bloody dreams may be an indication of an emotional upheaval or a releasing of repressed anger. It may also indicate being a victim of abuse or a violent crime in waking life.
  • Menstrual Blood

    Menstrual blood may symbolize fertility, femininity and feminine energy; or a a loss or denial of your femininity. It may also represent anxiety over having or missing your period or a warning that your period is about to begin. Your period may represent a cyclic or recurring event. It may also be a pun on “Period!” as in “The End. There's no point in going any further.”
  • Figures of Speech to Consider

    Consider all of the figures of speech that reference blood. For instance, if you dream of bleeding profusely, you may feel like someone or something is "bleeding you dry."
  • Having “blood on your hands” can suggest you have a guilty conscience.
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  • Yatharth Vashisht

    Yatharth Vashisht

    Posted on May 13, 2017

    standing on top of a hill in a stormy weather and down the hill is a bloodbath creatures or men can't tell dumping bodies by the thousands at the start of the hill I got a leather jacket all black everything gray t shirt , a sword , guns and a hammer that when I start running down hill with the hammer as primary weapon glows blue with my body in flames also got a spartan symbol on my chest and both arms. That is it I wake up had this a million times

      • Ananya


        Posted on Jun 19, 2017

        I also had a dream about blood in my dreams two *******'t know but I think that we had made some mistakes so they were scolding us . I suddenly stand up n said that it was all my fault n My have nothing to with that so please punish *******'t know what happened after that.I was uncouncious in my dream . when I woke up I was unable to stand my body was in pain, when I saw my face In a mirror which is lying next to me I saw that my face was covered in *******,blood was coming from my forehead and mouth. and my back was covered with some kind of *******'s *******


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