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What Does It Mean To See A Bed In Your Dreams?

What Does It Mean To See A Bed In Your Dreams?

Dreaming with bed
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What do dreams about bed mean?

Since you spend one-third of your day in bed it should not be a surprise that you dream about it. In general, a dream about a bed or a bedroom may be addressing your waking life issues concerning sex, intimacy and privacy.
  • Bed Dream Meanings

    Dreaming about a bed may be suggesting a need for more sleep; or it may represent comfort and peace of mind.
  • Dreaming of being in your own bed or bedroom may be representing the most intimate and private aspects of yourself, the part of you that you do not let others see, the secrets you keep or the desires you do not express, aspects of yourself that you are not even aware of, have repressed or you are denying, or the parts of you that you share only with a trusted intimate partner. It wouldn’t be surprising to have such a dream after sharing an intimate secret with someone or after have sex with someone for the first time.
  • If you dream of sleeping in your bed, you may be becoming conscious or aware of the fact that you are, in fact, sleeping at the moment, and it could be a precursor to becoming lucid.
  • A dream of sleeping in someone else’s bed (someone known to you) may be addressing your relationship with or sexual desires about this person.
  • To dream of sleeping in a stranger’s bed may be symbolizing regret or concern about your choice of sexual partners; or it may be that an unfamiliar aspect of your sexuality is emerging – you do not know yourself well as a sexual being.
  • Dreaming of lying awake may suggest you are lying to yourself or your sexual partner about your relationship, sexual desires or other intimate aspect of yourself; or it may be an aspect of yourself that is “waking up” or emerging.
  • Dreaming of sitting on it may indicate you are doing some soul-searching or you are connecting with your true inner self.
  • Dreaming of being alone in bed may represent loneliness or a desire to be alone.
  • Types of Beds in Dreams

    An unmade bed may represent being careless about who you are sleeping with or sharing your secrets with. A neatly made bed may symbolize being too uptight or rigid, especially when it comes to sex or sharing your intimate self with others.
  • Dreaming about a hospital bed may be an indication that healing may be taking place; it may also be a warning of a hidden or unknown health issue that needs attention.
  • A hotel bed may represent an exploration of your sexuality or true inner self. You may be going through a transformation as you “find” yourself.
  • A dream about your childhood bed or bedroom may be returning you to that period of time in your life. Something may have happened during the day that your unconscious is linking back to this time in your life.
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          • Botan88


            Posted on Nov 16, 2017

            Hi, I am looking for the bed and the sizes of throw rugs. Could I found from here in Australia. I have just find https://www.elanlinen.com.au/throw-rugs but I am confuse about the sizes, Any help?

            • Molly Whitt

              Molly Whitt

              Posted on Feb 16, 2018

              there are 5 other people sleeping in my bed. I go into my room and there are alot of people all over my room. I asked the people that were sleeping in my bed to get out because I wanted to go to sleep. Asked the people to leave my room. no one left they told me no

                      • Jan101966


                        Posted on Apr 8, 2018

                        I dreamed someone was pushing on my mattress at the end of the bed

                        • Queenie Goldie

                          Queenie Goldie

                          Posted on Jun 23, 2018

                          I dreamt of sleeping with my ex boyfriend on its bed but the metres was a little bit dirty


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