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What does dreaming about having or being in an accident mean?

What does dreaming about having or being in an accident mean?

Dreaming with Accident
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What do dreams about Accident mean?

  • Dreaming of being in an accident

    May suggest that you are punishing yourself for something you said or did because your conscience is bothering you.
  • May symbolize a mistake that was made during the day.
  • May be a result of your anxiety about being in an accident or making a mistake.
  • To witness an accident in your dream

    May symbolize an error that that you made or that you noticed (consciously or unconsciously) someone else made during the day.
  • May symbolize repressed anger towards, or revenge against, the person(s) involved in the accident.
  • To be in a car accident in a dream

    May mean that you are driving yourself too hard; you need to hit the brakes and slow down.
  • May represent your carelessness or recklessness in some aspect of your waking life.
  • Dreaming of being rear-ended in your car

    May symbolize something or someone from your past is returning and affecting your current life.
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          • Maurice Nugent

            Maurice Nugent

            Posted on Jul 26, 2017

            I had two dreams, 3 days apart. Driving home from work and a truck crossing the center line hitting me head on. But the truck went right through me and I would grasp for air in my sleep. second dream was a car and I kept driving, I felt nothing as it passed through me.

                  • Janoem Botique

                    Janoem Botique

                    Posted on Nov 14, 2017

                    my dream is im in the ship then i heard an announcement that reminds all passengers are.red allert because the ship is in danger due to the sea is not good.conditon and the ship got strong swell im afraid because my companion is far of.me whatever happen were far from each other but i need to find restroom because i need to pee.

                      • Elton Gj

                        Elton Gj

                        Posted on Dec 2, 2017

                        in my dream there is a little girl wich i dont know a red car moving slowly and the driver isn't paying attention to the road and the little girl gets stuck in the tire. there are a lot of people around me wich don't help me trying to lift the car.

                        • gauravkhajuria


                          Posted on Dec 8, 2017

                          I meet my old friend. and saw a road accident of truck. one truck block road and it's driver cabin goes out of road.

                              • Bijita Shakya

                                Bijita Shakya

                                Posted on Apr 29, 2018

                                Got hit by a bus and I was dragged. And another perosn got badly injured.

                                    • Jaayy


                                      Posted on Jul 17, 2018

                                      2nd time having a dream of rear ending another car as soon as I hit the car the impact is so big I wake up. what could this mean 😕

                                      • Paula Fishburn-Arroyo

                                        Paula Fishburn-Arroyo

                                        Posted on Jul 30, 2018

                                        my daughter and I were a passenger in a car. An old family friend who has been deceased for many years was driving. suddenly he just purposely drove off a cliff. I remember holding my daughter's hand telling her I loved her. I woke up before we hit the ground.

                                          • Julie Arnott

                                            Julie Arnott

                                            Posted on Aug 11, 2018

                                            I am driving in the rain - I see myself brace holding on with both hands stretched out beside me (I remember thinking why) then hit a big red semi truck head on - truck driving in wrong lane - dream then shows impact of collision in slow motion - I don’t lose consciousness and then wake up - what could this mean - I was extremely calm during this dream which I am surprised about

                                            • Alice Juarez

                                              Alice Juarez

                                              Posted on Jan 2, 2019

                                              I dream that I was in my house and there was a big accident in front of my house where are used to live in there was a big hole in the street in front of my house


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