• * May be telling you to get more "Zzzzzs" (sleep).
  • * May symbolize a sound that is annoying to you.


  • * May represent seeing things only as black or white.
  • * May symbolize balance and harmony or yin/yang energy.


  • * May symbolize high or ultimate ideas and goals.
  • * May symbolize needing to overcome my limits and push myself to the highest potentials.


  • * may be an alternate symbol for a circle which indicates wholeness or infinity
  • * literally it means, ""nothing"" and may indicate your low self- esteem or judgment of something or someone


  • * may suggest being crooked or not straight
  • * may suggest behavior that is erratic or unusual


  • * May represent a need to take zinc supplements or eat foods high in zinc.
  • * May symbolize galvanizing or exciting one to take action.


  • * " if you are zipping something up, it may represent that you are closing yourself off
  • * if you are zipping something open, it may represent you are opening yourself up
What does it mean to dream of Zombies?


What does it mean to dream of Zombies?

In movies, books and video games, Zombies are known as the “undead”. They are shown as being detached from others and without emotion. They have no purpose or goals in life. In dreams, Zombies represent aspects of self or others that exhibit these same characteristics.

Dreaming of seeing, or being a zombie yourself


  • * may indicate your need to reorganize the chaos in a situation;
  • * May be addressing the state of or how you are controlling your emotions.


  • * May symbolize taking a closer look at something.
  • * May symbolize something that is moving too fast or passing you by.