• * May symbolize needing additional protection against a waking life situation, circumstance, encounter or relationship.
  • * May symbolize emotional fragility.


  • * May symbolize not diving completely into one’s emotions.
  • * May symbolize testing the waters before diving into something.


  • * May symbolize the acceptance of communion and all it denotes.
  • * May represent something delicate, especially as it may relate to nourishing or feeding one's soul.


  • * may symbolize your inability to make a decision
  • * may symbolize a desire to ""butter up"" someone or ""sugar coat"" something


  • * May symbolize taking chances in a waking life situation.
  • * May represent uncertainty in plans.


  • * May symbolize one’s self-worth and values.
  • * May symbolize the need for acknowledgement for one’s accomplishments and work.


  • * May symbolize the load one is carrying.
  • * May symbolize childhood.


  • * May symbolize the release of repressed emotions.
  • * May symbolize the need to express one’s feelings and/or the need to be heard.


  • * may represent your concern over your weight or diet
  • * May symbolize self-consciousness in how others perceive me; concerns about one’s looks, size, etc.


  • * The waiter or waitress may represent service or being served. He/she may be representing you, if you are devoting all of your time and effort to serving others and neglecting yourself.
  • * They may also be suggesting that you need to be of service to others as part of your life work; or that you need to wait and be patient.