• * May represent the Roman numeral V which equals 5.
  • * May symbolize Victory.


  • * may suggest that you need a break in waking life
  • * may suggest that you feel you deserve a reward for a job well done


  • * May symbolize the need to inoculate or protect oneself from potential threats.
  • * May be a warning to get a vaccination.


  • * may suggest a feeling of emptiness
  • * may suggest you are lacking connections, you are in a void

vacuum cleaner

  • * may be symbolic of something that ""sucks""
  • * may suggest that you have a mess to clean up


  • * May suggest sexual exploration.
  • * May represent femininity, feminine sexuality and feminine qualities.


  • * May suggest feeling like an outsider in one's social circles.
  • * May symbolize a lack of ambition or goals.


  • * May symbolize admiration and love of self or someone else.
  • * May symbolize a crush or unrequited love.


  • * May symbolize a desire for approval or to feel accepted.
  • * May represent a desire for someone's blessing or support.


  • * may symbolize fertility and/or abundance
  • * may symbolize your need to be sheltered or protected