• * May represent feeling someone is working against you.
  • * May symbolize fear of success.


  • * May represent a period of suffering, self-abnegation, self-punishment or guilt.
  • * May symbolize feeling its time to give something up for the sake/benefit of another/others.


  • * May symbolize the burdens and responsibilities you feel you have been saddled with.
  • * May symbolize taking control of a situation as you climb into the saddle.


  • * May represent waking life emotions of unhappiness or grief.
  • * May symbolize feelings of disappointment.


  • * May symbolize a place within where precious, intimate, or repressed memories are stored.
  • * May symbolize feeling protective of something valuable.


  • * May symbolize heat, passion, or anger.
  • * May symbolize "spicing things up."


  • * May symbolize listening to your inner wisdom.
  • * May symbolize cleansing or clearing negative energies.


  • * May represent someone born under the sign of Sagittarius.
  • * May suggest the time of year when the Sun is in Sagittarius, November 22 - December21.


  • * May symbolize skimming the surface or skiming over something.
  • * May symbolize the ability to navigate the unchartered emotional waters of the unconscious.


  • * May represent the aspect of yourself that is navigating the emotional waters of the unconscious.
  • * May represent the part of you that identifies with (or craves) adventure and exploration.