• * May symbolize feeling threatened, defensive, or fearful.
  • * May represent repressed emotions being released because they need to be acknowledged and let go.

slot machine

  • * May represent a risk or gamble.
  • * May symbolize good luck or misfortune.


  • * May symbolize feeling cowardly or embarrassed.
  • * May symbolize masculine sexuality.


  • * May symbolize parts of yourself that identify with the qualities of your siblings.
  • * May represent waking life concerns about your siblings.


  • * May symbolize childhood memories.
  • * May symbolize making progress through your own efforts or skills.


  • * May symbolize protection from something you see (so it isn't as harsh).
  • * May symbolize an unwillingness to see what is in front to you.


  • * May represent an emotional release or outburst.
  • * May symbolize emotions or memories connected to childhood.


  • * May symbolize laziness, sluggishness or lethargy.
  • * May represent someone who you perceive as lazy, or having an aversion to work or physical activity.

sea life

  • * May symbolize your own mineral, plant, and animal energy.
  • * May represent your deeper emotional state.


  • * May represent feeling helpless, abandoned, trapped or isolated.
  • * May represent feeling a need to be rescued or to be a rescuer.


  • * May represent feelings about fame, status, or success.
  • * May represent a desire for attention.


  • * May symbolize marriage or a serious emotional relationship.
  • * May symbolize extended family ties or connections.


  • * May represent creative self-expression.
  • * May symbolize a new idea or perspective.

skittles (candy)

  • * May symbolize feelings or memories associated with childhood.
  • * May suggest feeling bright or colorful.


  • * May symbolize wanting to feel relaxed and tranquil.
  • * May symbolize feeling a release from anxiety.


  • * May suggest a need to pay closer attention to what is around you in waking life.
  • * May symbolize intuition.


  • * May symbolize masculinity, virility or other masculine qualities.
  • * May represent fertility and pregnancy.


  • * May represent a release of anger.
  • * May symbolize feeling punished.


  • * May symbolize a transitional period or time of change.
  • * May symbolize a resting place or time.


  • * The weather in a dream is often indicative of the overall emotional tone of the dream. What aspect of your waking life most closely matches this emotion?
  • * Sunny skies may suggest happiness, hope and peace of mind.