• * May symbolize feeling a need for some Rest and Relaxation.
  • * May represent someone whose name starts with the letter R.


  • * May symbolize abundance.
  • * May symbolize fertility.

railroad crossing

  • * May represent taking a break to allow your energy to flow naturally.
  • * May represent one part of your life feeling more important that another at this time.


  • * May symbolize birth control.
  • * May represent protecting yourself from feelings about your mother.


  • * may represent releasing of emotions


  • * May symbolize intense emotions.
  • * May symbolize intense feelings about Mother, or motherhood.


  • * May symbolize vitality.
  • * May symbolize masculine energy.

red cross

  • * May symbolize healing is needed, or taking place.
  • * May symbolize physical, emotional, or spiritual healing.


  • * May represent discarding or getting rid of bad habits.
  • * May symbolize the garbage you feel you have to put up with.

remote control

  • * May symbolize options.
  • * May symbolize feeling turned on, or turned off.

renaissance faire

  • * May symbolize starting over in a way that feels more fair.
  • * May represent any memories or associations you have with renaissance faires.


  • * May symbolize healing is happening.
  • * May represent feeling something needs repair.
What does dreaming of being in a Restaurant mean?


What does dreaming of being in a Restaurant mean?

Being in a restaurant or a diner in a dream may be a metaphor for "being served" or "serving others". It may also suggest that you are seeking emotional or spiritual nourishment, or food for thought.

May be a reference to your social life or relationships, or a reference to an incident that happened in a restaurant.


  • * May symbolize a need to take a break and refresh or relieve yourself.
  • * May symbolize a lack of privacy or relieving or exposing yourself in public.
What does a Ring mean in a dream?


What does a Ring mean in a dream?

Rings in dreams may symbolize completeness, continuity, unity and infinity; may represent the commitments and promises you have made to someone; may symbolize your commitment to a relationship or to a new endeavor.

Other Ring Dream Interpretations


  • * May suggest going with the flow.
  • * May represent someone named River.


  • * May represent something that is bugging you.
  • * May symbolize feeding off of other people's money, energy, or talent.


  • * The road you are on may represent the direction you are headed in or a current goal in life. If the road is straight and narrow, it may suggest that all things are working out well. If the road is winding or bumpy, it may reflect the changes and/or obstacles you are encountering along the way. A fork in the road may signify you must make a decision in life.
  • * Do you know where the road leads? If not, you may be feeling lost and/or have no direction in life.


  • * May symbolize stubbornness or rigidity.
  • * May represent something from the past you haven't let go of yet.


  • * May symbolize reaching the top.
  • * May symbolize obtaining a goal.