• * May symbolize feeling a need for some Rest and Relaxation.
  • * May represent someone whose name starts with the letter R.


  • * May symbolize forgiveness and a desire to bury the past.
  • * May symbolize the end or an undesirable quality, habit, or relationship.


  • * May symbolize abundance.
  • * May symbolize fertility.


  • * May represent someone you perceive to be angry, violent or out-of-control.
  • * May symbolize feeling passionate, fanatical or obsessed.


  • * May symbolize masking or hiding your identity.
  • * May represent the ability to scavenge and take care of your needs in a clever way.


  • * May symbolize the ability to move forward toward your goals in a swift manner.
  • * May represent feeling competitive for a successful end result.

racing car

  • * May symbolize a competitive nature.
  • * May represent masculine drives.


  • * May represent feeling the need to organize.
  • * May symbolize the need to air out your emotions, or share your feelings.


  • * May symbolize noise or interference in hearing something.
  • * May symbolize feeling a need to meditate away mind chatter.


  • * May symbolize a defense mechanism or defensive move.
  • * May symbolize serving.