• * May represent the sex industry.
  • * May symbolize loneliness.


  • * May represent a fear of being in public.
  • * May represent stage fright.


  • * May represent something that you are not understanding yet in waking life.
  • * May represent a mystery to be solved.


  • * May represent stored up or repressed emotions.
  • * May symbolize a gift for you to give, or to receive.


  • * May represent feeling happy about something.
  • * May represent memories of a party.


  • * May represent a desire to play piano, or compose music.
  • * May symbolize discord.


  • * May symbolize a toxic relationship.
  • * May symbolize needing to eliminate something from from your diet.


  • * May suggest practicing for a waking life event.
  • * May suggest creative recipe ideas for cooking in waking life.


  • * May represent feeling caged or restricted.
  • * May symbolize feeling a loss of freedom.


  • * May represent self-image.
  • * May represent vanity.


  • * Police in your dream may represent the law, rules, authority or control. They may be a reminder to you to curb your reckless behavior or to control your desires.
  • * Police may also represent your own sense of morality and your conscience, reminding you to stay on the right path.


  • * May represent ideas or memories that are popping up into conscious awareness.
  • * May represent something important that is trying to catch your attention.


  • * May represent royalty and empowerment.
  • * May represent a high ranking official in the Catholic church.


  • * May symbolize the way to reach a goal.
  • * May represent the path you are on in life.

peeping tom

  • * May symbolize feeling an invasion of privacy.
  • * May represent feeling a fear of being exposed.


  • * May represent freedom or the ability to come and go at will.
  • * May represent issues or concerns over self-identity.

piggy bank

  • * May represent saving up for something you want in the future.
  • * May represent feeling the need to be more frugal.


  • * May represent something owed or due.
  • * May represent your values.