• * May represent someone whose name begins with P.
  • * May represent something that starts with the letter P.


  • * May suggest making peace with some situation, or with someone.
  • * May suggest feeling a need for relief or calm in some situation, with some some person, or within.


  • * you may be preparing for a change in life
  • * you may be putting the past behind you


  • * May represent stored up or repressed emotions.
  • * May symbolize a gift for you to give, or to receive.


  • * May represent something that comes pre-packaged.
  • * May symbolize organization.


  • * Rarely do we live and work in the same place all our waking lives. We often move from one house to another and/or from one job to another and so dreaming of moving may represent may suggest that you are going through a major life change – leaving the past behind and preparing for what lies ahead.
  • * Alternately, moving may represent a need or desire to ‘move on’ to something new; or it may represent an end to a relationship or other major aspect of life.


  • * May symbolize ritual, faith and devotion.
  • * May symbolize natural or ancient wisdom.


  • * May suggest there is a message.
  • * May symbolize reading, writing or communication.


  • * May symbolize memories or associations you have with pageants.
  • * May represent feeling judged.


  • * May represent messages from the subconscious.
  • * May symbolize communication channels with others.