• * May represent something or someone in your life that needs attention.
  • * May represent feeling guilty about something.

nail file

  • * May suggest needing to smooth out the rough edges of something, such as a plan that is developing.
  • * May symbolize feeling the need to take better care of personal hygiene.
What do Nails mean in a dream?


What do Nails mean in a dream?

Nails in a dream may be a reference to “nails” (as in a fastener) or to fingernails or toenails. Keep in mind that whichever one of these appears in your dream may be a pun on one of the others, so meanings of all them should be considered.

Nails (fasteners) in a dream

What does it mean when I dream I am Naked?


What does it mean when I dream I am Naked?

The clothes we wear in waking life help identify us – they represent how we want others to see us. Clothes also hide our imperfect bodies, and metaphorically, our emotional and psychological imperfections. When we aren’t wearing clothes we are stripped of our identity and others can see us as we really are.

If you experience negative emotions when naked in your dreams


  • * May represent someone you know by that name.
  • * May suggest someone's nickname.


  • * May symbolize a desire to feel cared for, protected and/or nurtured.
  • * May reflect feeling someone is overprotective or patronizing.


  • * May represent neatness or cleanliness.
  • * May symbolize proper etiquette or manners.


  • * May symbolize feeling restricted and confined.
  • * May represent memories of being born.


  • * May suggest something that is intrinsic to your nature.
  • * May represent roots, origin, home, family, inheritance or ancestry.


  • * May represent concerns about the environment.
  • * May symbolize feeling it's time to avoid fake or toxic products or people.