• * May represent the Roman numeral M (1000).
  • * May represent someone whose name begins with M.


  • * May symbolize comfort food or something that feels comforting.
  • * May represent physical or emotional nourishment.


  • * May symbolize destruction.
  • * May represent survival.

machine gun

  • * May suggest a powerful weapon to kill-off negatives in my dream in order to aid inner transformation.
  • * May suggest processing events from serving in the military.


  • * May represent feeling mechanical in your actions.
  • * May represent something repetitive and habitual, lacking feelings.


  • * May symbolize feeling angry or frustrated over some waking life situation, condition, relationship, or project.
  • * May represent feeling extremely overwhelmed, and out of balance.


  • * May represent undesirable aspects of yourself that you wish to keep secret.
  • * May symbolize feelings about someone who you think is a bully, threatening, or tyrannical.


  • * May symbolize knowledge, information or entertainment.
  • * May symbolize a periodical occurrence.


  • * May symbolize feeling someone is a low-life, dirty or despicable.
  • * May suggest a period of transformation or change.


  • * May symbolize things are not as they seem in some waking life situation, relationship, circumstance.
  • * May represent something that has left you feeling in awe.