living room

  • * May represent feeling the need for more room in your life.
  • * May represent how much room you feel you have in your life right now.


  • * May represent inactivity or laziness.
  • * May symbolize nourishment for body, soul, or spirit.


  • * May represent feeling an inability to get needs met.
  • * May represent feeling "locked up" emotionally.


  • * May represent something that is eating at you or bothering you.
  • * May represent an overwhelming or annoying situation.


  • * May suggest searching for something.
  • * May symbolize superficiality.


  • * May suggest feeling you have lost or misplaced something.
  • * May represent a lost love.


  • * May represent something "big" that is happening in your waking life.
  • * May symbolize obesity.


  • * May suggest a lesson can be learned from the dream.
  • * May suggest you can learn something from a waking life situation.


  • * May represent knowledge, or your search for knowledge.
  • * May represent what you already know and have stored in your memory.


  • * May suggest minimizing something that needs attention.
  • * May represent feeling insignificant.


  • * May represent tipping or tilting towards one side of an argument.
  • * May symbolize going too far.


  • * May suggest a desire to indulge in sensual, or sexual pleasures.
  • * May symbolize feeling like a "sucker."


  • * May symbolize focused attention or clarity.
  • * May symbolize protection.


  • * May represent a vacation or business destination.
  • * May symbolize any memories or associations you have with Lebanon.


  • * May suggest a period of isolation.
  • * May represent feeling depressed or abandoned.


  • * May represent a vacation or business destination.
  • * May symbolize home and family, if you are from London.


  • * May symbolize feeling receptive to the opinions of others.
  • * May represent feeling something needs closer attention.


  • * May symbolize wanting to prevent something from coming to light and becoming known.
  • * May symbolize knowledge or information that feels partially hidden or withheld.


  • * May symbolize sexually promiscuity.
  • * May represent feeling uninhibited or free.
What do LGBT dreams mean?


What do LGBT dreams mean?

The answer depends entirely on the dream, and the dreamer. Whether you are heterosexual or LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, or Transgender), sexual dreams of this nature have varied meanings. For example, sometimes they may represent wish fulfillment, repressed desires, or a waking life desire for companionship, love, or sexual gratification. Other times, they may symbolize something else, and have nothing directly to do with sexual feelings, preference, or orientation in waking life.

No matter what your sexual orientation—dreaming of sex isn’t always about sex. Dreams about sex often symbolize either the merging of different aspects within yourself, or incorporating aspects of your dream sex partner into your psyche. Consider what it is that you love, admire, or respect about your dream partner to get an idea of what you are merging with or incorporating into your own personality. Usually, sex in dreams is considered positive, so you can look for the positive and empowering qualities in your dream lovers that you identify with.