• * May suggest it would be good to focus on yourself more.
  • * May represent the ego.


  • * May represent feeling ignored, unappreciated or invisible.
  • * May suggest that you are ignoring someone or something.


  • * May suggest an ailment of the body, soul, or spirit in waking life.
  • * May suggest a physical, mental, emotional or spiritual condition that needs attention.


  • * May represent purification and illumination.
  • * May symbolize sensitivity, intuition, and intelligence.


  • * May suggest dealing with an internal aspect of yourself.
  • * May represent something that is hidden.


  • * May represent a part of you that is instructing or giving instructions to other parts of yourself.
  • * May suggest that you feel the need to get instructions from someone.


  • * May represent a part of you that is ready to learn for the sake of learning.
  • * May represent an intern you know.


  • * May suggest feeling the need to reconsider judgment of someone or something.
  • * May suggest feeling curious about something and wanting to know more about it.


  • * May represent a desire to investigate or explore the dream world.
  • * May represent a desire to investigate or explore your options or opportunities.


  • * Dreaming of being on the Internet may represent your need or desire to connect and communicate with others; may symbolize knowledge or a desire or need to learn something new; may represent your social or professional network or connections.


  • * May represent a new project, career, or stage in life.
  • * May symbolize admittance into some group or organization.


  • * May symbolize spiritual enlightenment.
  • * May represent a state of peak awareness or consciousness.

interior design

  • * May represent inner changes are occurring.
  • * May symbolize a desire for self-improvement.


  • * May symbolize mystery and curiosity about someone or something.
  • * May symbolize a fascination with someone or something.

icy road

  • * May symbolize a dangerous path.
  • * May suggest a time to proceed with caution.


  • * May symbolize creativity or an idea for something new.
  • * May symbolize imagination and inspiration.


  • * May represent feeling a loss of privacy.
  • * May symbolize an act of aggression or an attack.


  • * May represent foreign or disruptive thoughts or feelings.
  • * May symbolize someone or something that is unwelcome or unwanted.


  • * May represent a negative, masculine aspect of yourself.
  • * May symbolize feelings about an aggressive, vulgar, or energy draining male.


  • * May represent a period of healing.
  • * May symbolize introducing new energy, inspiration, or ideas into an exisitng project or relationship.