• * May symbolize addictive behavior.
  • * May represent desiring a sense of security and stability.


  • * May symbolize feeling unskilled or untalented.
  • * May represent feeling violated, terrorized, robbed or exposed.


  • * May symbolize weariness, lethargy, or a need for a vacation.
  • * May represent growing weary of an on-going situation.


  • * Dreams of Hail may represent the stresses and pressures of life hailing down on you.
  • * Consider the figures of speech that relate to hail:
    1) to hail someone (to praise someone)
    2) within hailing distance (close enough to hear a shout)
    3) Make hay while the sun shines. (Take advantage of an opportunity before it passes.)

    You may think of others that make sense in the context of your dream.
What does it mean to dream about Hair?


What does it mean to dream about Hair?

Hair, since it grows out of your head, may represent other things that come from your head, such as your thoughts or way of thinking.

Length of Hair


  • * May symbolize removing negative thoughts or shedding some aspect of yourself.
  • * May represent a desire for change or self-improvement.


  • * May represent someone that is influencing your thoughts and beliefs.
  • * May represent someone you know that is a hairdresser.


  • * May represent peace of mind.
  • * May represent something you are covering up from yourself and /or others.


  • * May symbolize animal instincts.
  • * May represent someone you know with a lot of hair.


  • * May suggest something feels like it is missing.
  • * May represent feeling not quite whole.