• * May represent the number 1,000 or one thousand dollars.
  • * May represent someone whose name starts with G.


  • * May represent distractions, entertainment or novelty.
  • * May suggest ingenuity, imagination, creativity or inspiration.


  • * May suggest feeling limitless, spacey or adventurous.
  • * May represent a desire for exploration or to escape from the mundane aspects of life.


  • * May represent contained emotions.
  • * May symbolize feelings related to abundance or emptiness.


  • * May suggest feeling too impulsive.
  • * May suggest relying too much on fate.


  • * May represent a desire to play or a need to take a break.
  • * May symbolize psychological manipulation or control.


  • * May represent feelings or attitudes about India, Hinduism or religion.
  • * May symbolize faith, power, devotion, beliefs or Divinity.


  • * May suggest feeling that you are being forced to do something by coercion, intimidation or threats.
  • * May represent parts of yourself as allies that can help you do the 'dirty work' or the hard stuff you don't identify with in waking life.


  • * May represent an area or aspect of life that is dead or coming to an end.
  • * May symbolize an aspect of Self that is dead or is under nurtured or unused.


  • * May represent criminal activity.
  • * May represent an an individual part of organized group.