• * The letter F may represent judging or grading of someone or something as failing, or unacceptable.
  • * May represent someone whose name starts with an "F."


  • * May symbolize a moral or lesson could be learned.
  • * May represent a need to be more realistic or face reality.


  • * May symbolize taking a look at yourself and examining beliefs or actions.
  • * May represent concern about appearance.

faceless person

  • * May suggest searching for identity.
  • * May suggest there's something you can't 'see' as clearly as you would like.


  • * May suggest a desire for self-improvement or to change your self-image.
  • * May represent restoration, renovations, vanity or superficiality.


  • * May suggest confronting issues you've been avoiding.
  • * May symbolize accepting the truth about a difficult situation or about yourself.


  • * May symbolize an internal conflict.
  • * May symbolize a disagreement or conflict.


  • * May represent repetition in some waking life situation.
  • * May symbolize business and financial concerns.


  • * May symbolize feeling unable to deal with a situation.
  • * May represent low self-worth or self-esteem.


  • * May suggest you are avoiding or in denial about something.
  • * May represent someone or something that is lacking color, strength, or conviction.