• * May suggest the desire or the need to see things from a different perspective; looking at the broader picture.
  • * May symbolize freedom or the desire not to be bound or restricted.


  • * May represent listening or hearing.
  • * May symbolize femininity and the desire to be attractive to others.


  • * May suggest you need to listen more closely to what you are being told in the dream.
  • * May suggest it's time to listen more closely to what you are being told by someone in waking life.


  • * May represent feeling grounded.
  • * May represent the foundation of your beliefs.


  • * May suggest wholeness and global consciousness.
  • * May be a mother symbol.


  • * May suggest a fear that your world, as you know it, is on shaky ground.
  • * May represent guilty feelings (fault).


  • * May represent new opportunities on the horizon.
  • * May symbolize something new just beginning or rising.


  • * May suggest feeling flexible, accommodating or worry free.
  • * May represent feeling someone is uncomplicated, undemanding or adroit.


  • * May suggest physical, emotional or intellectual nourishment.
  • * May suggest physical, emotional, or spiritual "fuel" is needed now.


  • * May represent feeling infected or influenced by others' negative attitudes, thoughts, habits, or physical ailments.
  • * May symbolize feeling concerned about your physical health.