• * May represent judging or grading of someone or something as below average.
  • * May represent "Dad."


  • * may be representing your father or a father or authority figure in your life
  • * "may be represent the ""father"" aspect of yourself"


  • * May symbolize a childhood need to feel protected and loved.
  • * May symbolize a "sugar daddy."


  • * May represent aggression or defensiveness depending upon how it is wielded. Is the dagger used to protect or assault?
  • * May suggest a tool to be used in a ritual.


  • * May symbolize nurturance.
  • * May symbolize processing information, feelings, or relationships.


  • * May suggest childhood innocence as the petals are plucked asking s/he loves me, s/he loves me not.
  • * May suggest freedom and the power of love as it was an emblem of the late 1960's Flower Power / Hippie generation.


  • * May represent home and family, if you are from Dallas.
  • * May represent a vacation or business destination, if not from Dallas.


  • * May represent emotions that have been building up and need to be released.
  • * May represent wanting to stop feelings about mother, or motherhood.


  • * May represent the expression of freedom within life or social activities.
  • * May represent cooperation or a relationship.

dance hall

  • * May represent a celebration.
  • * May represent the end or culmination of an important project.