• * May symbolize the part of your animal energy that is like a duck.
  • * May suggest a warning to avoid being hit.


  • * may be representing your father or a father or authority figure in your life
  • * "may be represent the ""father"" aspect of yourself"


  • * May represent unclear or incomplete thinking.
  • * May suggest lack of control or "losing your head."


  • * May represent doing business, and professional networking.
  • * May symbolize the hustle and bustle of life.


  • * May suggest anxiety over meeting goals.
  • * May suggest feeling the need to prioritize.


  • * May suggest feeling undermined or cut down.
  • * May represent feelings about actions that are contrary to your personal belief system.


  • * May symbolize a lack of self-confidence.
  • * May suggest feeling the need to take caution in proceeding with a relationship, partnership, idea, goal, or situation.


  • * May represent beliefs and values that are in conflict with someone else's.
  • * May symbolize an internal conflict.
What Does It Mean To Dream About Diamonds?


What Does It Mean To Dream About Diamonds?

Dreaming of diamonds may represent marriage or commitment; may represent something hard or permanent; may represent materialism and wealth.

Dreams about diamonds may be a reminder of an upcoming birthday or anniversary. Diamond is the gift for the 10th, 60th and 75th anniversaries and is the birthstone for the month of April.


  • * May symbolize the people or things that you hold close to your heart.
  • * May symbolize the salutation to a letter or other written communication.


  • * May suggest the dream is asking, "What are you doing?"
  • * May suggest something to consider doing in waking life.


  • * May suggest feeling unwelcome.
  • * May represent rejection.


  • * May represent self exploration resulting in new knowledge about yourself.
  • * May suggest the uncovering of new information.


  • * May represent home and family, if you are from Dallas.
  • * May represent a vacation or business destination, if not from Dallas.


  • * May represent creativity energy.
  • * May represent coming to a conclusion about something.
What does it mean to dream of a Dragon?


What does it mean to dream of a Dragon?

A dragon in a dream may represent someone (possibly you) with a fiery personality; or someone that can get carried away by or lose control of their passions.

In Eastern religions a dream about a Dragon may symbolize Spirit, luck and fortune.

don (man)

  • * May represent a boss, leader or other authority figure.
  • * May symbolize respect.


  • * May represent lack of security, warmth, love, or protection.
  • * May symbolize not attending to your needs.


  • * May suggest feeling deprived or lacking needed resources.
  • * May represent an oppressive situation.


  • * May suggest a new opportunity.
  • * May represent completion of a project or goal.