• * The letter B may represent judging or grading of someone or something as above average.
  • * May represent someone name "Bea."

b and b

  • * May symbolize rest and relaxation from everyday worries and responsibilities.
  • * May represent feelings about a vacation or short trip.
What do Baby dreams mean?


What do Baby dreams mean?

Dreaming of babies may represent an immature aspect of yourself or a new aspect of yourself that is still maturing or developing. It may also symbolize a part of you that is feeling neglected or needs to be nurtured, loved and accepted by you.

Alternately, a baby may represent someone that is acting like a baby or someone who is naïve or innocent (possibly you).


  • * May suggest caring for your inner-child.
  • * May symbolize dealing with a lot of childish behavior during the day.


  • * May suggest a desire for independence or freedom.
  • * May indicate a desire for a relationship.


  • * May represent something behind you, in the past.
  • * May symbolize your support system.

back and forth

  • * May symbolize a debate.
  • * May symbolize sex.

back pain

  • * May symbolize the burdens you feel you are carrying.
  • * May represent repressed emotions that are causing physical pain.


  • * May suggest feelings of game playing in a relationship.
  • * May be drawing attention to a variety of choices.


  • * May suggest taking a passive role towards achieving goals.
  • * May represent feeling lack of control over your life.