• * May suggest a message.
  • * May suggest announcing news, possibly precognitive.


  • * May suggest making a list.
  • * May represent shooting or being shot.


  • * May represent a minor hindrance or snag.
  • * May represent a minor disagreement or argument.


  • * May represent a protective barrier.
  • * May represent an ability to bounce back after a setback.

bumper cars

  • * May represent an ability to bounce back after a setback.
  • * May represent going nowhere.

bunk beds

  • * May represent childhood, especially if you had bunks when you were a child.
  • * May represent sexual preferences or conflicts.


  • * May represent something that has emerged from the unconscious.
  • * May symbolize a new baby boy.
What does it mean to dream of a bus?


What does it mean to dream of a bus?

A dream about a bus, like dreams about all modes of transportation, may be addressing the path you are on in life, how fast you are moving and how much you are in control of your life.

Dreaming of being on a Bus

business card

  • * May represent a business deal.
  • * May suggest getting down to business.


  • * May symbolize a rich or overindulgent diet.
  • * May suggest something is easy to do.


  • * May represent security or inhibition.
  • * Unbuttoning your shirt may represent willingness to open yourself up to others, emotionally, mentally or sexually.


  • * May represent support.
  • * May represent rejection.


  • * May represent something "big" that is happening in waking life.
  • * May represent being or feeling physically large.


  • * May symbolize feeling exposed or exploited.
  • * May represent feeling the need to open-up more instead of covering up.


  • * May represent the resources needed to clean up a mess.
  • * May represent the burdens and responsibilities you carry with you.
What Does It Mean To Dream About Your Brother?


What Does It Mean To Dream About Your Brother?

Your brother in a dream may represent your brother or your relationship with him; or may represent an aspect of your brother that you are missing and you wish to be more like him in this respect.

A dream about your brother may be a reference to the brotherhood of mankind or a community of brothers; may also represent a close friend or buddy.


  • * May represent physical, emotional and/or mental power or stamina.
  • * May symbolize feeling beaten up.


  • * May represent self-consciousness or an inability to express thoughts and emotions.
  • * May suggest ensuring you have your words straight before speaking.


  • * May suggest the need or desire for outward creative expression.
  • * May represent the movement of internal thoughts and feelings to consciousness.


  • * May represent the parts of you that are building something up.
  • * May symbolize creating or constructing something.