• * The letter A may represent judging or grading of someone or something very highly.
  • * May symbolize the beginning of something new, or the beginning of a series of events.


  • * May represent a need to abandon something from the past or end a relationship.
  • * May represent feelings of being abandoned, neglected, or betrayed.


  • * May symbolize a place of refuge.
  • * May represent a spiritual calling.


  • * The abdomen is the center of our body, our solar plexus -- the center of our power, therefore, personal power may be being questioned.
  • * The abdomen contains numerous internal organs and so dreaming of the abdomen may be highlighting a health issue or concern.
What does dreaming about someone being abducted mean?


What does dreaming about someone being abducted mean?

To be kidnapped or abducted in your dream may suggest that you may be feeling manipulated by someone or have lost control of some aspect of your life.


  • * May symbolize being powerful, creative, accomplished or competent.
  • * May represent a talent or skill.


  • * May suggest that a natural process of growth is being prevented.
  • * May suggest being afraid of moving on, taking on a new responsibility, or growing up.


  • * May symbolize feeling like someone kills your creativity or growth.
  • * May represent feeling like a project, relationship or aspiration has failed.


  • * May suggest a “Higher Self” is involved.
  • * May suggest intelligence, or the brain.


  • * May symbolize a desire to escape a situation.
  • * May suggest a need to expand one's horizons and take on a new perspective.