Welcome! Dreams Cloud is an information-packed website where you can expand your general knowledge about the mysterious realm of dreams, connect with other dreamers from around the world, and, most importantly, learn more about how to better understand the important messages you are receiving every night from your own dreams. In my instructional blogs, I will be sharing information about dreaming that I have accrued over the past 45+ years, as a researcher in a university sleep and dream laboratory, as a psychotherapist working with clients’ dreams, and as a field investigator collecting dreams from numerous populations and cultures in my travels throughout the Western hemisphere.
We now know from extensive studies carried out for over half a century in sleep laboratories from around the world, that everyone dreams, everyone dreams every night, and everyone spends approximately 100 minutes engaged in dreaming activity every night. If you live a normal life span, you will have experienced about 100,000 dreams! If you were willing to consider that each dream was worth $10.00, it could be said that you were born with the potential of becoming a potential dream millionaire!

How might we consider the value of a dream? If we go by how much they cost, the answer would clearly be zero. By some people's reckoning, if something doesn't cost anything, then it can't be worth anything. However, dreams have had a significant impact on almost every important aspect of our culture and history. Dream images have expanded our artistic, musical, and literary horizons, spurred on generals to conquer empires, and led to inventions and industrial products that have revolutionized science and society. Dreams have also given us a basis for considering that there may be a nonmaterial component to our existence.
Aside from such lofty possibilities that dreams might possess the potential to create and alter worldwide events, what personal benefits might they have for you and your life?  They could enable you to develop a much better understanding of your motivations, aspirations, secret wishes, pangs of guilty conscience, and also provide keys to better understand your various social relationships. After all, who is the most important person that you know, or should know? Wouldn't that answer clearly be you?  A central goal for the developers of Dreams Cloud is to facilitate your journey of self-discovery through the development of enhanced dream awareness and understanding and to help you connect with like-minded dreamers from around the world. I would be honored to be your personal guide on that journey of self-discovery and mutual dream exploration with global dream friends.
In future blogs, I plan to provide you with several methods to enable you to work with your dreams, so that you will gradually come to discover the depths of the amazing person who is currently engaged in reading these lines. I will be offering various instructional lessons to help you recognize the important messages that appear behind your closed eyelids every night. In order to demonstrate the application of these techniques in actual practice, I will also be presenting an extensive “reflection” on one dream posted on this site every month.