There are several ways that people interested in dreams and dream research use to process and understand their dreams. The foundation of all this comes down to a good practice of dream journaling—that means that you have come to have a habit of writing a short note about your dreams when you first wake up in the morning. This note should include both incredibly vibrant details such as colors, certain behaviors, special people along with the feelings you had whilst in the dream, where you happy, sad, scared. A good dream journal with consistent entries will allow you not only to remember your dreams but also to look back at past dreams for signs of common symbols, themes, feelings, and more. For example, if you commonly dream of pregnancy but often have feelings of anxiety associated with it and then suddenly have a very positive dream about pregnancy. This could mean that you’ve just had a breakthrough at work, a personal breakthrough in one of your relationships, or that you truly have come to terms with the idea of having a family. 

Another great way for you to process and understand your dreams is by talking about them with likeminded dream enthusiasts. By talking about dreams that you’ve written in your dream journal, your friends may be able to pull out extra information that you previously couldn’t think of. It always helps to have another set of eyes to read over a paper; and as such, it always helps to have another brain think of symbols, feelings, and experiences that may inform meaning into your dreams. This conversation technique works especially well if you are able to talk opening about your dreams immediately after having them or with people who know you well. 

Finally, the last way that I’ll mention now to help you understand your dreams is to read as much as you can about dream research. The most attention that you pay to dreaming and interest in discovering something about your dreaming, the better you’ll be able to process your dreams. There are so many wonderful books available to you (if you don’t believe us, just look at our booklists under the Resource section of DreamsCloud). The sooner you dig in and commit yourself to dream research, the sooner you’ll find that you can make some major breakthroughs in your own personal dream research.