Have you ever dreamed that you are pregnant or that you are giving birth? This may be a common enough dream among women, but did you know that sometimes men will also dream of being pregnant? For many women dreaming of being or becoming pregnant may relate to real-world circumstances (such as thinking about starting a family or stress related to your already existing family), but for many it is actually about something entirely different.


Pregnancy dreams are universal and are experienced in all cultures and among all ethnicities. Tangentially, many people will have pregnancy dreams without actually being pregnant in the dream through the use of common symbols of fertility (such as the lotus flower in Asian cultures).


At its core, dreams about being pregnant are about the dawning of a new experience or about a new creative endeavor. In the simplest way possible, you can think about “birthing” a new idea or bringing something new into existence from themselves. For some people who have consistent pregnancy dreams night after night, may have an unsatisfied trip (or a dream deferred) that needs attending to. For example, if you dropped out of school and have always dreamed of graduating, you may have pregnancy dreams until you take steps to change your life.


Most importantly, regardless of what common interpretations of dreams are, interpretations are always individual to you. Pregnancy may have further reaching meaning for you than it does for the population in general. For example, if you have recently had a bad experience with a pregnancy or a miscarriage, dreaming of pregnancy may be your mind’s way of dealing with grief. Alternatively, if you associate seeing pregnant women with being very jealous or envious, this symbol may have taken hold in your psyche as showing signs up jealously regardless of the context of your jealousy.


Have you had a pregnancy dream? What did you feel when you awoke? Was it a happy dream that made you think about creation and possibility? Or was it a negative dream in which you regretted becoming pregnant or were looking for ways out of your situation? We’d love to hear about your experiences in the comments section below.