In Walking the Dreambridge, Part 1, I explained that the Dreambridge I refer to in my work is the bridge between Dreams and Creativity.


Every time someone decides to create something in the waking world that is based on, or inspired by an experience during sleep, they form a bridge between those two ‘worlds.’ Crossing that bridge then becomes part of the creative process. At the end of a ‘dream-bridge’ a new creative product is finished that can be shared with the community. 



In Walking the Dreambridge, Part 2,  I demonstrated a few of the ‘dream-bridges’ within my documentary film, Linked: The Dream-Creativity Connection.


In 2007, I had a dream about a futuristic news program—specifically set in the year 2050. When I woke up, I wrote down the script from my dream. Seven years later, in 2014—I re-discovered this dream-script, and decided to ‘Walk the Dreambridge’ with it.


After gathering a small team of creative folks to walk this ‘dream-bridge’ with me, I co-produced and directed Dream News 2050 to release on the Dreambridge YouTube channel, and share with you here on DreamsCloud.


The only parts in the finished short film that weren’t in my original dream-script are the kids’ reaction shots, and two improvised scenes: One, at the very beginning with the two news anchors, and the other, at the very end with the two ‘kids’. In the creative process as director, I decided to keep those scenes in. I thought they added and built upon my original dream experience and the future world there I had imagined.


I hope you enjoy watching Dream News 2050. “That’s Truth.”