In Walking the Dreambridge, Part 1, I explained that the Dreambridge I refer to in my work is the bridge between Dreams and Creativity.


Every time someone decides to create something in the waking world that is based on, or inspired by an experience during sleep, they form a bridge between those two ‘worlds.’ Crossing that bridge then becomes part of the creative process. At the end of a ‘dream-bridge’ a new creative product is finished that can be shared with the community. 


In the documentary film, Linked: The Dream-Creativity ConnectionI started out by interviewing teenaged artists and performers from the Idyllwild Arts Academy about their dream-creativity connections. Some of the teens were early in the creative process of ‘walking a dream-bridge’ but excited about what they were about to do.


Others were excited to look back fondly at the dream-bridges they’d completed walking. One valued her dreams, and valued her art form, but hadn’t realized she could ‘walk a dream-bridge’ until I suggested it to her (a concept that then excited her). The common denominator among them all—was excitement!


In New York City, I interviewed adult members of dream groups about their dream-creativity connections. In Los Angeles, and Ashland, Oregon I interviewed professional creative artists about their dream-creativity connections. You can view clips from Linked in the videos at the end of many of my previous blogs.


During the process of filming, I dreamed that I was narrating the first section as if I were a character in an old silent movie. When I awoke, I wrote the script from the dream, and we shot it as I had dreamed it. I had another dream narrating the second part of the film as a character in an early talkie. I repeated the ‘dream-bridging’ process by writing the script, costuming the character, and shooting the dream. In essence, the entire film was saturated with examples of ‘walking a dream-bridge’ from the earliest stages of the creative process, to the final stages of presenting a finished product.


One of my favorite ‘dream-bridged’ products that were included in Linked, was the song that played over the credits at the end. Here is a description of how I ‘walked the dream-bridge’ in that case:


I dreamed a song in vivid, lucid clarity. When I woke up, I wrote down the lyrics, and recorded myself a cappella, singing the words with the melody from the dream before I could forget it. I sent the file of my recording to a talented musician friend, and he loved it. We had two rehearsals, and he developed a Spanish guitar arrangement for the song. Shortly after, we produced and recorded the song in a music studio in Ashland.


In this video, I edited together some of my ‘dream-bridged’ narrations from the film with the ‘dream-bridged’ song. I hope this will inspire you to think about your own dreams and outlets for creative expression. What ‘dream-bridge’ would you like to walk?