New Year’s Resolutions – we all hate them and yet we all make them, even though we know at some level we’re probably going to fail. 


You can tell yourself that this year will be different.  This year, you really mean it!  This year you’re going to follow through and keep that resolution.  But will you?


Is there some secret to keeping a New Year’s Resolution?  Is there some esoteric knowledge that only special people have?  Or is it really just a matter of determination, willpower or mind over matter?


Well, it so happens, I do have a secret that I’m going to share with you – and it’s one I’m hoping you will share with everyone you know.  Are you listening?


Your dreams can help you keep your New Year’s Resolutions.  How?


First, you should consider consulting your dreaming mind to be sure that you set a correct resolution – something that is in alignment with your unconscious mind and waking life goals at this time in your life. Something that is healthy for your body, spirit and mind.


One way to do this would be to incubate a dream that will tell you what your resolution should be. If you’ve already made a resolution, incubate a dream that will confirm your resolution. 



To incubate a dream, follow these steps:

  1. Before going to sleep, put a pen and paper, a voice recorder or your smartphone with the DreamsCloud app on it, beside your bed.

  2. Sit or lay quietly and clear your mind for a moment or two.

  3. Tell yourself that you want to make a change in this New Year that will improve some aspect of waking life which may be physical, mental, or spiritual.

  4. Tell yourself that you will have a dream, which you will remember, that will answer the question, “What issue or behavior should I resolve to change or improve in this coming year?” Use your own words so that it feels natural to you.

  5. Repeat it several times. You can even write it down or record it.“I will have a dream that I will remember that will tell me what issue or behavior I should resolve to change or improve in this coming year.”

  6. When you wake up, lie completely still for a moment and try to recall what was just going through your mind.Try to remember as much as you can and then, before moving, go over it one more time.

  7. Pick up your pen and paper (or turn on your recorder or smartphone) and note a few keywords.Then record the dream. The keywords will help jog your memory as you’re recording the dream.

  8. Give the dream a title that captures the essence of the dream.You may be able to determine your correct resolution from the title alone.If not …

  9. Look over the dream. Is there a specific message?For instance, did a deceased loved one advise you to take a walk?If not …

  10. Look for a theme.What is it addressing – a relationship, a health issue, a habit? If that doesn’t help …

  11. Look for something that changed in the dream.For example, it is sunny and then it changes to rain.Consider what you were doing when the change occurred. How might this change be reflecting some aspect of yourself or your waking life?

  12. Look for a behavior that is in total opposition to how you normally behave in waking life.For instance, you apologize for making a mistake instead of making an excuse.

  13. Make a resolution that is in alignment with the dream essence, message, theme, change or difference.

  14. If you don’t get a specific resolution the first night, try again. It may take a few nights, but you need to be sincere and take the same steps again.

  15. If you did make a resolution, incubate a dream the following night that will confirm it.


Another way to use your dreams to help define a good resolution might be to review your dream journal entries from this past year.  Is there a theme or issue that continues to play out?  If so, this is telling you that there is something there that needs to change. Base your New Year’s resolution on making this change.


Once you have made a resolution that is in alignment with your unconscious, you can use your dreams to help you stay on track and keep it. Your dreams will tell you when and where you might be going amiss – and how to get back on track.  Your dreams will never lead you astray – once you learn to work with and interpret them.  If you are not doing so already, start keeping a dream journal. 


My next few blogs will help you learn to understand and gain invaluable insight from your dreams, starting with Keeping a Dream Journal.  I hope you will follow along.  You can also find many tips and techniques for working with your dreams in my book, Notes from a Dreamer … on Dreaming: A Personal Journey in Dream Interpretation.