Father’s Day is a holiday that sparks thoughts, feelings and memories related to our fathers, grandfathers, and fatherhood. These thoughts and feelings could relate to positive or negative experiences we have had. 


Dreams around Father’s Day are more likely to relate to men, authority and our relationships with our masculine family members or father figures.


June may be a good time of year to reflect on our dreams more closely to gain more personal insight and awareness into how these relationships and roles have affected our psyche. 


Greater insight into self could propel us to learn from the past, heal, and apply important lessons and new perspectives to our future.



Common Father’s Day Dream Symbols and Possible Meanings


Father: In a dream, a father could relate to one’s own father. This could relate to thoughts, feelings and worries about our father and could also relate to our relationship with our father. In general, a father tends to symbolize authority and protection. The father could relate to someone or something in my life yet could also relate to an aspect of self or a trait within self that is relevant to my life, a specific situation, or a personal growth that I am experiencing right now.  

  • Does this dream reflect the relationship I currently have with my father or the relationship I would like to have? 

  • How does my father relate to another authority figure in my life? 

  • What traits do I have in common with my father that may be significant to my waking life now?

The Absence of a Father: The absence of a father may relate to the loss of my father if he has passed or is no longer in my life. 


This may also symbolize a general feeling of abandonment and not feeling protected or safe.  The absence of something would relate to what I feel should be there but was not and would relate to a void I sense in my life or within self.


Loss of Father:  Dreaming I have lost my father when he is still alive may show me I feel disconnected from him.  

  • Have I grown up, moved out on my own and am now feeling physically distant from him? 

  • Has our relationship changed where I feel an emotional distance? 

  • Have I grown up without a father and feel as though I have missed out on something and have a sense of loss? 

  • Am I reflecting on the loss I have had and not fully recognizing how to keep this person present in my life today?


Father-in-law:  A father-in-law in particular may relate to the actual traits of my father-in-law or may relate to my conscience or rational side of me.  

  • Do I find this person to be judging me or not approving of me? 

  • Do I feel the need to ask for someone else’s approval on something? 

  • What are my ideas of what father-in-laws are like and how do these qualities relate to my waking life?

Grandfather:  Dreams of a grandfather could reflect thoughts and feelings about my grandfather.  The symbol of the grandfather in general would likely relate to wisdom, family ties or roots, protection, and tradition.  

  • What traits did my grandfather’s have that I have, want to have or relate to my waking life somehow?  

  • What guidance may the dream provide me?  

More subtle symbols such as a grandfather clock may also be present in my dreams.  I would also relate a grandfather clock to the qualities of the grandfather and would also explore how the passage of time, time keeping, and tradition or past times could be affecting or relating to me now.



Godfather: A godfather may relate to a godfather I have or know in my waking life. How do his traits relate to me and my life now? A godfather in general may relate to an authority figure, someone who could give me advice or and authority of spirituality. If I am aware of the Godfather movies, this symbol may also relate to a fear of authority and the themes and traits I have noted within the movies.


Stepfather:  If I actually have a stepfather in real life, I would relate a stepfather’s presence to the meaning of a father. If I do not have a stepfather in real life yet are dreaming of one, I would relate the symbol unresolved issues I may have with my father or issues with authority.  

  • Am I feeling as though something or someone has taken the place of another?

Becoming a Father:  Dreaming I am becoming a father would relate to growth, development, life stages, and accepting greater responsibilities.  It may relate to growing up, actually becoming a father yet could also relate to fathering an important personal growth or development that is more emotional, psychological and spiritual than an actual life event.  

  • How did I react to becoming a father? 

  • How could this reaction relate to my thoughts and feelings related to other responsibilities, transitions or developments in my life?


Man:  Dreaming of a man in general could relate to the traits I assign men such as masculine, assertive, rational, aggressive, competitive, and physical.  If I actually know this man, the dream may relate to my thoughts and feelings about this person as well as his unique character.  In a woman’s dream, a man may relate to her Animus, the unconscious masculine aspect of self.  The context of the dream may show the woman how integrated this aspect of self is within her personal identity of self.  

  • Is this man reflecting traits I currently have, want to have, or need to express more?


Father’s Day is not only a day to honor our fathers and the fathers of others. Father’s Day allows us to reflect on what our ideas are about fatherhood, masculine influences from our upbringing, the father figures we have internalized and are present within our psyche, and how we care and protect those we care about today.


How does Father’s Day influence YOUR dreams?