I first heard of the phenomenon of dreams that warn of breast cancer from a physiologist-turned-meditation teacher friend. She had had a series of vague dreams about cancer, culminating in a precognitive dream of having surgery on her breast by a woman surgeon. This startling dream prompted her to go for a mammogram, which was normal. Unsatisfied by this result she pressed the radiologist to do an ultrasound. The radiologist refused saying it was not standard practice to do ultrasound to search for a cancer that was not palpable or visible on mammography. She pleaded to have it done exactly where the dream indicated, and the radiologist was stunned to find it.


Another friend is a physician-turned-consciousness researcher who had two disturbing dreams in one night. The first scary dream was about a serial killer. The second one was about having breast cancer. Those were enough to send her for a mammogram which showed a cancer in the location from her dream. A third friend of mine reported that “I had a dream that I had cancer. I went to the General Practitioner complaining of a lump and spasm-like feelings on my sternum. The G.P. concluded it was normal breast tissue, and the feeling in my sternum was dismissed, a devastating mistake. A year later, a different doctor diagnosed stage 3 breast cancer.”


These eye-opening stories of dream intuition inspired me to do an Internet and literature search for additional examples. I hit the "mother lode" by finding Wanda Easter Burch's book She Who Dreams. In her book Wanda describes the dreams that guided her to find her cancer after doctors dismissed her nagging breast pain and that allowed her to localize it specifically to guide her surgeon’s biopsy needle.


Since then, I have heard from other women with reports of similar dream breast cancer diagnosis, which makes me believe the phenomenon may be more common than we realize. However, there has been no scientific study of it.


For these reasons, I am reaching out to women all over the country who had dreams warning of them of their breast cancers to volunteer to participate in a research study that kicks off today, during National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. This study, jointly sponsored by Healing Imager, Inc. and Dreams Book, will help to shed light on this phenomenon. You can learn more by watching the video below, and you can sign up in Dreams Cloud by clicking here. To help us spread the word, please share this link with friends, family, breast cancer support groups or anyone you think may be interested: www.dreamscloud.com/breast-cancer-dreams-study.