Last week I shared my interpretation of my dreamTrees for Two, to show you how I put all of the techniques covered in these previous blogs together.


In my previous blogs, I provided tips and techniques on Keeping a Dream Journal and Working with Dream Symbols, Characters, Settings, Actions and Day Residue that appear in your dreams and how to Create an Action Plan once you interpret a dream. 


This week I share another example from my personal dream journal.



In Training - May 2011


The Dream


I am in training at a new job. I have a clipboard with a checklist on it. I am to go over to the checkout counter and ask how many of certain item the cashier has. I look at my checklist and mark something down, but there are labels or papers stuck on top of part of the checklist so I can't see what is underneath -- I don’t know what I am "checking for."


I am in a back room with a woman. She asks how I am doing. I tell her about the problem I have and we discuss it. I seem to come to a solution to the problem and start to tell her about it. I wake up, but don't recall what the solution was.


The Symbols


Training suggests that I am learning something new, perhaps in preparation for something I will need to know in the future. Holding a clipboard makes me feel important or I have a role of authority or judgment.


A checklist is a way of remembering or ensuring that I am not missing something important or that I am following standard protocols and doing things the right way.


The checkout counter and cashier are symbols indicating that what I am doing is being accounted or paid for or I will be paying for what I am doing or not doing. I am reminded that I am “leaving my mark” behind.


A label is the name I give to things.


The woman in the back room is an aspect of myself, my higher self or unconscious.



My Interpretation


In reviewing the symbols, I get the sense that I need to account for my actions recently and I have to admit that I have not been very productive these past few days.


"Labels are in the way" -- where in my life am I letting "labels", or the names I give to things, get in the way of seeing things as they are?  If I were to create a checklist of things I should be doing -- what is getting in the way of checking them off?


My Action Plan


In answering the above questions, I come to my action plan -- Stop playing games and start checking things off my "to do" list!


Next week, we will ask “Why shouldn't I ask someone else to interpret my dream?”  You can also find more tips and techniques for working with your dreams in my book, Notes from a Dreamer … on Dreaming: A Personal Journey in Dream Interpretation.