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Dream by Tortoise

I had this dream when I was probably 12? Anyway for some reason my cousin and I were sneaking around trying to hide so that we could kiss.... ugh... It makes me cringe... and what makes it worse is that back then he always had Vaseline smeared all over his mouth, a huge ring of it around his mouth- because he'd licked his lips raw- ugh!!! I can't fathom why I had this dream cuz there's definitely no way I had a crush or anything- we were just like brother and sister- likewise with the aversion to each other that young brothers and sisters have... So why?

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  • Cloud's Reflections

    Cloud's Reflections

    Replied 2 years ago

    If this were my dream at age 12 I would consider it very normal, and it would even be normal when I was older. Kissing in dreams means many things. At age 12 I was probably experiencing blossoming feelings of romance, and being close to my cousin my unconscious may have been using him as an object of safe affection - in other words I was trying out a new behavior in a safe way. Kissing him may also have symbolized feelings of affection or closeness, or even admiration, not necessarily sexual at all.