Being chased by a werewolf

In my dream there was a group of people, my brother and I. We were at a park during the night and we knew something bad was chasing after us so we were discussing it. Then a few moments later the guy talking about what was chasing us started to panic and told us to run as fast as we could. I looked up and there was a were wolf. Me and my brother ran toward a fence that was locked but had a small opening and made it through but the werewolf still went after us. He chased after me but I turned around and pulled off his teeth, he died. So I heard my brother crying for help saying "someone please help me please please" in the worse cry I've ever heard him say so I ran back to the park and he was locked inside a car but I noticed a werewolf was there ready to attack at anything that tried to get him out so I tried to fight him but then I awoke.




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