In the eye of the beholder


Dream by drupel

It is night and I am running with my brother down a road with trees lining the sides. There are hominids jumping from tree to tree along the sides of the dark road. They are dangerous, territorial and aggressive.

They are extremely fast and strong. We are interacting with them.

My brother grabs something like a stick with feathers on the end and tries to get the attention of one of the female leaders.

'Oh no, get back!'

Too late. The pack leader near the female hominid takes notice and drops down and runs at us. I push my brother to the side and jump out of the way. I throw leaves at the hominid attacking us but they don't distract it. It is very fast and strong.

It runs back but picks up a spear 'watch out it has a weapon' and runs at us. I manage to deflect most of the blows but it is about to land a blow on my brother and...

I wake up, scared.




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Reflections & Comments

  • drupel


    Replied 1 years ago

    "Generations of choosy females have driven the evolution of these remarkable birds. The more extravagant a male is, the more likely he'll be noticed."

  • drupel


    Replied 2 years ago

    Just saw this:

    A monkey-man 'The Fear' jumping from tree to tree attacking the player.

    Metal Gear Solid 3 - The Movie @ 1:30:20

  • drupel


    Replied 2 years ago

    "That bolt is coated in the venom of the Brazilian wandering spider. Soon the most exquisite pain will engulf your entire body. Your limbs will be paralyzed, your lungs cease to draw breath. Eventually your heart will stop beating. Aww... but what fun would that be?"

    Metal Gear Solid 3 - The Movie @ 1:30:55