The Raging Sea


Dream by 8135180

I was driving north along a county road in the early evening on a late spring day. The sun was shining, a few clouds in the air and the landscape was lush with the green of spring leaves. Looking back I find it odd that no birds flew through the sky, but I understand why now. The ocean waves gently caressed the side of the embankment to the east of the road, ebbing with the gentle breeze and giving off a faint smell of the sea. Enjoying a drive with my two daughters, the eldest in the front seat next to me and the youngest in her car seat behind me, I never imagined the horror that would strike us up the road.
I felt a sudden shift in the energy of the earth and terror filled my veins. I looked to the sea and could not understand the sight. The water went up, like it had been hit with a meteor, in three different locations. I could feel the power of the water being sucked away from the shoreline. Then suddenly the water was pushed away from the crash sites in giant waves. The force of the water pushed our van off the road, down a long driveway, and onto the property of an older white farm house.
As the water receded I realized that there was a giant mass of water still stuck to the van. The mass was a cloudy blue color, like too much flour had been added to water, and stuck to everything it touched. Somehow this mass was broken and the water receded much like the rest of the sea had.
Thinking that this occurrence was over, I visually checked the surrounding while keeping my death grip on the steering wheel of the van. I glanced at the house we had landed in front of and saw an Asian woman sitting in the three-season porch, simply glaring at us. It was like we had trespassed onto her property on purpose. I realized at that point that I had met her on more cordial terms previously, though I could not remember what for. I did remember that her husband was a white man that stood nearly half of a foot taller than her, and that he was much more courteous than her.
After breaking eye contact with the unhelpful woman, I looked behind me and saw that the water had released the road from its grasp. I decided to cease the opportunity to escape the situation, but I had to back up on water soaked soil. When I put the van into drive, the water was struck again. This time was worse. The water came barreling at us and the girls could only scream.
Even though I thought we were going to be swept away and drown in the enraged current of the sea, it merely pushed the van sideways a few feet before reversing back to its origin. Relieved, I checked to make sure everyone was ok. My oldest was simply shaken, but when I looked behind me, horror struck.
Somehow the water mass had come inside the van and had congealed over my youngest daughter. Even through the cloudy translucent blob, I could see her struggling to breathe- and she was drowning. I attempted to pull the mass off, but much like gelatin it simply shook and proceeded to engulf my daughter further. By some miracle I was able to slice the outer casing of the mass. Sea water burst from the casing and receded from the vehicle as quickly as it had appeared.
After checking to see if my youngest was ok, hugging her close, I woke up.




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  • Cloud's Reflections

    Cloud's Reflections

    Replied 2 years ago

    If this were my dream I would think it has all to do with unexpected upheavals in the family emotional life.

    These have seemingly happened "out of the blue" like a meteor hitting the earth. There are three separate events or situations that have hit at the same time.

    First there is shock and incomprehension and fear. Then the force of these events pushes me and my daughters into the domain of this Asian woman. I call her the unhelpful woman, she makes me feel as if we are trespassing and unwelcome. She is very much shorter than her white husband, and very short on cordiality. Who does this remind me of? And why do I end up there? How does this remind me of my waking circumstances that I'm dealing with?

    After seeing her, I realize that I have to back up and try and get back on the road--water hits again, but receeds--just when I think things are OK I realize my youngest daughter is covered in this sticky mess.

    I would take this to mean that in the aftermath of these upheavals and emotional floods, my youngest is still affected by the events. I have to save her by getting through to her emotionally. Then she's OK. Good Job.