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Dream by drupel

Am in a 19th century type setting. There is a guy like the father from the Little House on the Prarie TV series. He is choosing how to “preach” to his “followers.”

He approaches one large wooden house with a perimeter wooden wall. He knocks on the door and end up talking to a wealthy family. They don't seem interested but suddenly there is an earthquake or tornado and the house starts to come apart. The occupants flee in terror.

The “preacher” uses this to sow seeds of fear and consolidate his power.


I am walking down the street and someone (in the dream, the “preacher”) casts a 'hex' and tries to summon a demon to attack me.

It is rather alarming but I ask God to protect me and it cannot touch me. God throws it back to the place from whence it came.


The “preacher” is trying to move into a bigger, more 'modern' “church.” He has quite a few followers. Creepy, deceptive, two-faced followers.

I notice in the “church” that the “preacher” has placed a picture near the entrance which depicts something nasty, in a subtle way, about the Star of David.

I am furious.

I grab the fucker by the head—he is the one who tried to summon evil, after all—and I tell him, “I will ask God not only to abandon you and all your “followers,” but I will have God condemn your souls, your immortal souls, to the pit where that demon came from.”

God takes notice and acts.

After they are gone---all of them, I don't feel bad about that. Just incredibly disappointed in them.

God kicks ass. =)




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  • drupel


    Replied 2 years ago

    I just saw this dream play out in Sleep Hollow Episode 4.

    They enter an old church where the "lesser key of Solomon" is located and the creepy (Germans play creepy occult people very well) Hessians try to summon Demons... and then they get sent back to that place.