Obelisk part 2


Dream by drupel

Am in a house. Deceased relatives are there. They look as they would at their happiest times in life, younger and healthier. There is something about a 'zombie' or something. It grabs people by the head, rips their bones and flesh back and they become 'one of them.' There are two brothers, the older one is attacked by the thing and he then proceeds to attack the younger of them.

He rips the flesh on the kids skull back in a horrible fashion and is pounding on the kids head---who had rolled into a ball on the ground. Someone comes in and neutralizes the older 'zombie,' who ends up laying down and panting on the ground. The younger kid, face disfigured is crying in a fetus position on the ground, holding an unbroken box of lego to his chest.

The zombies are neutralized. Even the older kid looks more relaxed. One of the deceased relatives has a hand on his chest, but the kid just stayed there on the ground crying.


There is some talk of communicating with the 'blue star.' It was looking for people to be in the place where the star-gazers were before and it was checking if they are there 'as agreed.' The 3-Star General and some other people are on horses now.


I'm reading about some gas installation. The leaflet says if you want to take advantage of the “free” gas package you need to install a 3 by 4 box device which will be placed inside the house. I am curious about finding out what exactly this corporation is using the device for and wonder at how it would be much easier to find out if I were working for an agency that had the resources to isolate the device. There is something about it that is worth finding out.




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