confused on what to do

i have a current boyfriend whom i am in love with but lately i have been dreaming of my ex that i dated for two years. he is also someeone who i still love very much. im not sure what this means. last night i dreamed we cuddeled thats all. it ws so real that i woke up missing him all confused. im not sure what to do or what it means. can someone please help?

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  • Cloud's Reflections

    Cloud's Reflections

    Replied 4 years ago

    It is common for people to dream of ex partners, but instead of looking at the dream as being the ex-boyfriend, I would suggest looking at him as aspects of yourself that you may be missing in your life. For example, perhaps there is a way that you felt in that relationship that you don't currently feel, and it could be that there is something not being fed in you right now so it appears as another person in your dream that you relate those types of feelings to.

    If this were my dream, I would look at my associations to the ex boyfriend and see where in my life I may be feeling like I am needing/wanting to express myself in a different way. This can be a good dream to use as the impetus to shift your thinking and actions into ways that support you.

  • Qualia


    Replied 4 years ago

    i think that maybe a situation is coming where you will have to get support from your ex! are u guys still friends? or u see him frequently?