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People: Authors: Angel Morgan

Angel Morgan, Ph.D.

Angel Morgan, Ph.D. completed the Dream Studies and Creativity Studies programs at Saybrook University. Her research can be found on academia.edu. She holds an M.A. in Human Development, and a B.A. in Theater, Film & Television, Visual Art, and World Arts & Cultures. She is a lucid dreamer who started learning about her own dreams when she was four years old from her father, a psychologist who gave her tools from Kilton Stewart’s Senoi Dream Theory. At age 15, Angel’s next dream teacher was Eduardo Duran, Ph.D., an Apache-Pueblo shaman, Tibetan Buddhist and Jungian soul healer. Her next mentor in dreamwork was the widow of Kilton Stewart, Ph.D., Clara Stewart Flagg. At Saybrook, she honed the Ullman Method with Stanley Krippner, Ph.D. at morning dream tables, and has served as the “sender” for the Dream Telepathy Contest hosted by Bob Van De Castle, Ph.D. at multiple conferences for the IASD (International Association for the Study of Dreams). Angel is a mother of two teens who share and express their dreams in creative ways that are unique to them.

She is an experienced Waldorf teacher who has worked with many individuals and groups of children, teens, and adults of all ages. She has brought Senoi-Inspired Dream Education to students and faculty of West Coast learning communities such as the Rudolf Steiner College, and the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology.

Experienced professionally as an actor, director, dancer, singer-songwriter, and visual artist, Angel is a published poet, author, illustrator and documentary filmmaker. Her book of poems and paintings for empowering the feminine side is called The Alphabliss of Miss and can be found online at amazon.com.

You can read about Dream-Arts workshops taught by Angel, find links to her documentary film Linked: The Dream-Creativity Connection, and explore her vision to manifest a full-scale Dream-Arts Center at www.thedreambridge.com.

Books by Angel Morgan, Ph.D.: