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Paranormal Possesion
Night of November 23, 2013
I had this dream two years ago at 3 a.m., Christmas morning. The dream had my brother and his girlfriend in it and they were doing an exorcism. Mind you, during the month of December I haven't watched anything paranormal or been to anything that was paranormal. So, I was in a small basement that had cemented walls and there was a cemented table in the middle of the room. And on that cemented table was a girl. It was no one I knew of or have seen; just some random girl with pale skin and long black hair.

I was standing in the background watching my brother, who was wearing a priest's white gown while his girlfriend was wearing a black one with her hood up. My brother had a Bible in his hand and was speaking words to the girl on the table, but I couldn't hear what he was saying. Then I noticed the single light in the room was going on and off with a slight wind picking up. However, there were no windows in the basement. I was getting worried that something was wrong. Then suddenly, the pale girl with black hair was standing right next to me. I looked down at her, but I noticed that she was also still on the cemented table where my brother was reciting words to her, not noticing that she was next to me.

I had looked down at the girl and she also looked up at me. I grew slightly scared because her eyes were completely pitch black. Then she made this low growl that sounded like a panther searching for it's prey as she turned her eyes back to my brother and his girlfriend. She crouched down on all fours and slowly prowled her way to my brother. And I, for some reason, reacted and tackled the girl...ending my dream from there.
Words Scared, confused, terror
Downer, Sad, Anger
Ecstatic, Overjoyed
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Sign In to Display - 4 months ago
What would the panther represent?
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Cloud's Reflections - 4 months ago
If this were my dream I would certainly note that even after two years I still remember this dream.

That speaks to me of an important event, issue, theme, realization--something along that order.

That is happened on Christmas morning would say to me that it was a great gift.

If this were my dream I might look at it like this pale girl is representing me, I would say this because she comes and stands next to me.

Now there is an exorcism going on, and I look at what goes on: the random girl has endless black eyes--to me that would mean that the darkness and pain is deep and unfathomable.

This all happens in a small basement room. This probably is not a universal issue, but a personal one.

Something is wrong because she comes and stands next to me.

She turns into a panther and attacks my brother. At this point the incantations have alerted me to assist in the exorcism. To me, that would mean that I have been empowered to assist in the exorcism. That they are doing for me.

Of course, this is only one possibility.

There is at least one other more. Someone is afraid of my power, perhaps I am afraid of this panther power within myself.

To look at this power, I would look at it like electricity. Good when it lights the lights, bad when it electrocutes.
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