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Aliens, Ships and CD-Roms pt.2
Night of May 24, 2013
"Does the sailor control the sea?"

I am with my sister on a Russian research ship. Ship 4. We are running about, my sister makes whale calling noises using some metal fabric, by making it into an instrument. I tell her to stop --there's a creature on the ship.

[My fear tends to create creatures from a couple horror movies.]

I try close a big heavy door on the creature but ---its hands! They look so alien, at strange angles, the wrists twisted, the elbows backwards but still ---they remind me of me on some level.

Most of my fear vanishes, I didn't see much beyond hands and arms and its slow, slow advance. It's non-threatening.

My sister and I are in a small cubicle and I am trying to find the right song. There is a machine on the wall, one of three and I open it up. There's a bunch of music CDs and I browse through them. "Wait sis, it's here!"

When I want to put a CD into the machine the CD immediately changes into a small chip that can be changed easily. It is light but very strong, even though the chip is extremely light they are essentially indestructible.

I find the right CD, it is a CDr unlike the other commercial CDs and I put it into the machine to play.


Am at a friend's wedding. He is Jewish though I don't see the relevance.

I appear to be best-man and am telling him to "go have fun!"

I smell marijuana and we walk by a guest surrounded by quite a few cops. The groom tells me "not to worry, they're mostly for show."
Numbers 4
Words Alarmed, Anxious, Concerned, Dark, ET, Family, Fear, Interesting, Odd, Scared, Strange, Teamwork, amazing, bizarre
Downer, Sad, Anger
Ecstatic, Overjoyed
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