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It all started a bit confusing but there was some kind of a flood happening so I ran to a submarine and climbed in. Inside I found Keagan (my ex best friend) and he was getting ready to drive away when I saw Deon (my ex that ...

Words: Family, Love, Proud, Safe

i dreamt we had to move from the plot were we stay i didnt know where we were moving to i just remember packing and cleaning and moving almost as if we were told to move

Words: Alarmed, Anxious, Concerned, Disappointed, confused
Numbers: 4

My neighbour the old aboriginal woman brings a baby. He's about 6 months old. He wriggles sometimes and could fall out of the pram- as she doesn't tie him in with the straps. I feel her watching me as I do him up. Maybe she d...

I went to Heaven and I saw Jesus right there. I talked to him and then he showed me Dave Mustaine and the biblical David both playing guitar together. I watched in awe of the performance. After they performed, I talked to the...

Words: Family, Happy, Love, friendship, joy

Me and my mom were in the car and we thought my step mom (i hate her) was pregnant even though shes too old to have kid. So for some reason if i peed on the pregnancy test we'd find out if she was pregnant. So i needed a toil...

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So I was in a classy condo and a blonde walks in that I have never seen. I hate boiled up rage for her and I attacked her. Her hand became very small almost Barbie like and I stabbed it and left a big bloody hole. I then proc...

Words: Anxious, Danger, Fear, anger, bizarre

In the last four years i've realized that i'm attracted to the same sex and developed an attraction towards one of my old classmates from high school. I've had a couple dreams about her lately. This one dream i had was weird....


The first part of the dream is always similar but never the same. People are different. Except for me, the dentist and his wife. I am always living in the same house. Renting it or something off the dentist and his wife. Ther...

Words: Love, bizarre, quite
1 Reflection

Very weird. I was listening to meditation music to sleep, woke up around 3, and went back to sleep- then this dream. So there was this very fat woman, ugly and she was on the floor, naked. Two porn stars, hired, entertain her...

Words: bizarre

i was very upset about somthing ( probably a recent breakup) and i went shopping. i went in a store and a lady gave me an ugly shirt that was too big and told me to try it on. so i did and i said ill take it! and it was like ...

Words: bizarre, confused
Numbers: 35
1 Reflection

I dreamt that I was driving with my sister in the front seat. I don't remember where we were heading but we ended up in a river. It then turned out that I was alone on the river on my bed just floating downstream. The water c...

I was in my school hallway and no one was there. I ran around the halls, checked the classrooms. Nothing. It's like they all went somewhere. I gave up looking and went to my locker( this is in 6th grade) but the lockers were ...

Words: confused

I was sitting in an elevator going up an all of a sudden my ex was in it an just grabbed my hand. I woke up feeling so happy, content, an mostly so safe. In reality/waking life he's in an out of my life but when something hap...

Words: Happy, Love, Safe, calm, elevator, ex, holding hands, safe
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I was at a table with some people at a place where you go to fix phones and i had gotten mine fixed and this guy alex was there (he was a high school sweetheart and recently i got closure a month or so ago and stopped having ...

Words: Anxious, Happy, Love
1 Reflection

Austin and I were going on a double date one night with our friends, Crystal and John. We sat at an outdoor table, looking at a pretty looking menu with light brown pages and a delicate font. On the front was a menu of a Fren...

Words: embarrassed, hungry
Numbers: 100

From what I can remember, I was back at college and while about to leave a building with all my friends I was hugging Matt M. He was explaining how he had a crush on both me and Jenny. I just explained that he shouldn't feel ...

Words: bizarre, nervous

i cant seem to understand i still dream of me flying and running away from bad guys

It started when I had to take classes at the high school that I graduated from last year. My boyfriend was in every class (he's still in high school). But the school flooded and my nanny and I were trying to make our way thro...

Words: Alarmed, Danger, bizarre
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I dreamed of my investor signing and handing over a cheque of 5 Million US Dollar to me.

Words: Happy, Money
Numbers: 7
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i dreamt bout the guy i used2 date agn only this tym we were at the place he lives now bt me n my new boyfriend was living there n he came2 visit n we started argueing n he drove off in a white car n i heard gunshots