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What does it mean when I dream of a deceased loved one

By  Cloud's Blog

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It is a fairly common dream to dream of lost loved ones—especially in the days, weeks, and months after a death of an important person in your life has occurred. These dreams are often felt very deeply and are often the subject of questions to dream professionals. People want to know what these dreams mean, whether dreaming of someone recently deceased is a special message from them, or they may want to know how to stop these dreams of occurring.
While it’s impossible for any one to say whether or not a dream about a lost loved one is a means of cross-over communication, that sort of interpretation is best left to your own personal beliefs and feelings about the dreams. What is more objectively true is that scientists agree that dreams of deceased loved ones are the brains way of dealing with the emotional trauma of losing someone close to you. For many people, dreaming of lost loved ones is merely part of the grieving process and the sooner you can come to terms with your grief, the sooner the dreams with resolve themselves.
There are a few reasons why you or a friend may be having recurring dreams of lost loved ones.
1)     You are grieving: there are many things you can do to help with the grieving process including speaking to friends and family members, writing letters to your deceased loved ones, or if you are truly having trouble coping, seek therapy.

2)     You are focused on their death rather than their life: think about the happy moments in your relationship and in their life—the laughs, smiles, and special days rather than the last sad moments that preceded their death. If you can keep your focus on the happy moments of their experience, you may have an easier time dealing with your grief rather than if you focus on sad or unhappy moments.

3)     You have regrets: regret is one of life’s most difficult emotions. If you find that your loved one has left your life without your being able to resolve some of your issues, you may find yourself with regrets. It’s important for you to find a way to resolve these regrets whether its through speaking with a professional, a friend, or coming to terms with your experiences in a different way.

Coming to terms with the loss of your loved one and dealing with your grief in a managed way will help you resolve your dreams of your decreased loved ones.

November 20, 2012

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