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Sleep and Performance Related

By  Cloud's Blog

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We all know that sleep is necessary for us to be at our best! Without adequate sleep you’ll find yourself struggling to stay away, you’ll find that you can’t remember things as well, that you may have impaired  vision or reaction times. Our performance is inextricably linked to our getting enough sleep. Every mammal and bird species on earth needs different amounts of sleep. For example, Bats need 20 hours, Lions need 13.5 hours, Laboratory rats need 13 hours, Domestics cats need 12.5 hours, Baboons need 9.5 hours, Humans need 8 hours, Pilot whales need 5.5 hours, Asian elephants need 3 hours, Roe deer need 3 hours, and Giraffes only need 2 hours sleep.

Take a look at this video and take a look at some of the problems that researchers and businesspeople are solving every day. Pilots are an interesting subject for us to think about as they’re subjected to intense pressures related to their performance (lives are literally on the line) and are often required to forgo periods of sleep.

February 27, 2013

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