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Naked in Public

By  Cloud's Blog

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Have you ever started to go about your day like nothing is out of the ordinary until one moment you look down and realize that you’re naked and everyone is looking at you. This is a common dream that can cause a lot of unnecessary worry and stress. It’s common among people in various situations, but what exactly does it mean and what’s the cause of this dream?


Usually this dream is associated with a feeling vulnerability or shamefulness cause by your indecent public exposure. The feeling can be quite powerful and usually quite unpleasant as well. What is the cause of this dream though? Dreaming that you are naked in public or similar embarrassing dreams are usually brought on by high levels of stress and anxiety, in the case, possibly related to an upcoming social interaction that you are dreading. Do you have a secret or have you been hiding something about yourself that you fear will get out? This dream can represent an exposure of the self. While naked in your dream you can have no secrets or defenses and your true self is metaphorically revealed for all to see. It’s characteristic of dreams in this manner to exaggerate your small subconscious problems into large unavoidable dreams so that you may better take heed of the meaning.


Like all dreams, there is no single interpretation and the meaning of this dream can change drastically from person to person. More important perhaps than the content of the dream is the content of your life and its effect on your dream. Another common interpretation of this dream besides exposed secrets is unpreparedness. Suddenly realizing that you are naked can really catch you off-guard and make you feel uncomfortable. If you have an unfinished project or assignment that you are really worried about it may be the cause of this unwanted dream.


Being naked in your dreams, however, doesn’t always have to be a bad feeling. Some people have this dream but rather than feeling shameful and exposed they feel proud and strong. This may be caused by a desire, rather than a fear, of revealing things about yourself or telling secrets to your peers or the public. This can mean that you are honest, have nothing to hide, and feel very comfortable with who you are.


Don’t worry too much about bad dreams but also be aware of hidden messages your subconscious may be trying to tell you. It’s best to think about your reality and your surroundings and how they may be affecting your dreams rather than isolate the experience from yourself. Don’t worry too much though, take it with a grain of salt and remember that sometimes dreams are just weird.

August 22, 2013

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