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Can Dreams tell the future?

By  Cloud's Blog

Some people report being able to tell the future through the content of their dreams…but is this really possible? There was a news article in the UK newspaper The Guardian a while ago telling the story of Aberfan, a small village in south Wales. In the 1960s, this town was filled with people who worked at a nearby colliery. For years, these people had helped the coal mining effort that gave life to their village. As part of operations, waste from the coalmine was piled up on steep hillsides surrounding the town. On a day in October 1966, heavy rains flooded the hillsides and seeped into these coal mounds.
On the morning of October 21, the side of the hill crumbled into a giant pile of debris and sped rapidly towards the town. Out of nowhere the village school was covered in rubble. While some of the children were able to get free from the mess, 139 children died that day along with 5 teachers. It was a sad day then, and still a day in memory.
The day after the tragedy, a psychologist visited the town and conducted a study about any premonitions that might be foretold the event. Over the course of the study, the psychologist received over 60 letters from across England and Wales telling of dreams similar to the tragic experience. One letter was submitted by the parents of a 10 year old child who perished in the accident. The day before the accident, the girl noted that she had dreamt about going to school but "no school there" because "something black had come down all over it".  There were many other accounts of eerily similar circumstances conveyed in dreams.
Today we know that around one third of the population believe that they experience premonition dreams at some point in their lives. Most researchers believe that this phenomena can be attributed to the nature of our dreams-that they can be weird, disjointed, comprise a variety of subjects. They note that if there is a similarity between a dream and an event, the dream can be bent to resemble the event without much effort. For example, imagine that you dream that you are walking along a country road and a cartoon Bambi jumps out at you followed by each of the seven dwarves, and then you are swallowed up by a purple tornado that then places you down in a schoolyard. Now, the next day or week, a series of tornados rolls through your town and demolishes a school yard. Would you consider this a premonition dream? It certainly doesn’t seem like one, but a dreamer may bend the dream to more closely resemble what happened in waking life.

Have you ever had a dream that foretold the future? What was the dream? Did you write it down or only later remember it? There is tons of research on this subject and if you are interested in learning more, I suggest that you do a bit of searching around to see what you can find.

July 6, 2012

eDreamer Comments (1)

Posted July 11, 2012

kelseyb said

sorry that i really didnt read the whole thing but i do believe that dreams tell the future. i ahd a dream of a past relitave and she spoke to me. well i read in a dream dook that that meand someone is comming ro something good is going to happen. now i dont know about the good part but 5 days after that dream my biological father showed up at my house to take me to lunch. i have not heard from him in over 3 years. so yes i do believe that derams can tell the future

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