waking dream, explosion


Dream by drupel

Am deep in an ocean swimming with an enormous whale, except... it is not a whale. It is much larger. It is extremely intelligent. Communication is through telepathy, but only because I can't really control my whale-like body. I can't communicate in their strange calling sounds.

I recognize that my place would be -behind- the larger 'whale,' and I try reading from its mind, etiquette and other social 'norms' for the creature. I try follow the rules, struggling a little with the paddles, I manage to slow my body... though it takes time, being so large. 'Focus on the back fin.'

I apologize for my ignorance but think I kind of manage to pull it off without being too insulting.

Suddenly the larger creature changes into an even larger being, so big it is able to pluck me from the ocean with one hand. It looks like a huge person but with strange features.

Then, I'm sitting underneath an old tree. Leafless. The creature, looking more like a normal person now is standing at the edge of a decline, looking into the distance. I can only see its back.

Ahead, there is a valley with mountains on either side. Something explodes in the distance. Radiation slams into the hill-side and starts to burn the flesh off my face, but I can still see for some reason.

A large glowing cloud rises up in the distance. Terminator 2 flash-back type waking dream.





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  • drupel


    Replied 8 months ago

    I just saw The Wolverine (2013) and it has a scene with the bombing of Nagasaki.

  • drupel


    Replied 9 months ago

    I'm just watching Man of Steel and I find the mother telling the freak kid, "imagine an island, swim to it." And then Clark Kent comes to with a big and smaller whale swimming next to him... interesting. Are these dreams simply pre-cog elements of movies I will watch in the future?

    They don't seem to only correlate to the movies, however. :-/ Whatever.

    Possible dream correlates: "Shopping Mall & King Kong," "waking dream, explosion"

  • 6684263


    Replied 10 months ago

    I am running
    And can't seem to get away and then I start flying

  • drupel


    Replied 10 months ago

    No... Nagasaki was not bombed because of Japan's destruction of the whale population. It was bombed as an exercise of power.

  • drupel


    Replied 10 months ago

    It's probably related to listening to some creepy pastor on youtube talking about the end of the world.